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 Are you unable to get to the opticians?

Problems getting there on your own for any reason concerning your physical or mental health?
Or are you or anyone you know disabled?

If so then you are entitled to have your eyes tested at home.
This service is is paid for by the NHS, should you qualify for it.

NHS Opticians Glasgow

We will also test persons eyes in nursing homes and some day centres.

Simply telephone 0141 881 1866 to request a domiciliary visit. Relatives or careers if you know someone who needs an eye test but is incapable of phoning themselves then you can arrange an eye test on their behalf.

All our staff who come to your home are PVG registered and carry identification. The eye test will be carried out using specially adapted mobile equipment ensuring that you get an accurate eye test.

Should you require spectacles, we will bring a choice of glasses on the day for you to choose from. We will also come back with your glasses to fit them and make sure that you can see with them.

If you receive pension credits guarantee or any other qualifying benefits your spectacles may be completely free as well.

Home visits are a part of our business that gives us great satisfaction. Michael loves nothing better than to chat with his patients reminiscing and learning from people who have lived a life. Relatives of people who need a home visit can rest assured, your mums and dads are in good hands.

We don’t rush our visits, we are not under pressure to see a certain amount of people per day.  A great after service is available for adjustments and repairs also.

Dementia Patients

We sometimes get asked how we do an eye test for someone living with Dementia or even what is the point of an eye test for someone who doesn’t read, watch TV or recognise family. This is something we are passionate about and we believe with the right care so much can be achieved.
Dementia Eye Test Glasgow